Domino's Pizza in Edmonton

Open until 1:00am

586 Hermitage Rd NW
Edmonton, AB T5A4N2


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50% off All Pizzas at Menu Price - Monday Only (MON50P)
1 Medium 3 Topping Pizza and Domino's Pizza Cheesy Bread (3076)
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About Our Store

Domino’s Pizza in Northeast Edmonton has both carryout and delivery options for you to choose from! Clareview Domino’s Pizza is located conveniently at the intersection of Hermitage Rd. NW and 40 St. NW. It is located just next to the North Saskatchewan River, south of Clareview Common. This store is located just off of both the Yellowhead Highway and Manning Freeway for easy on and off access. Whether you are visiting for a while, or just stopping by for a quick meal, Domino’s Pizza can help provide you with exactly what you need. Stop by for a custom made carryout order on your way through town, or order pizza delivery to your Clareview home.

Choose from a number of delicious products. Domino’s Pizza offers mouth watering Feast Pizzas, savoury chicken wings, and decadent desserts. Find your perfect meal today. Need help? Let us recommend the ExtravaganZZa pizza with a side of honey garlic chicken wings and chocolate lava crunch cakes for dessert! Vegetarian? Try our Veggie pizza instead! So good, even meat-lovers can’t resist! Need more meat? Try the MeatZZa instead! Piled high with a variety of delicious meats, you can’t go wrong!

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