We continue to incorporate changes to standard operating procedures in our commitment to protect our team members and our valued customers.

Working hard to serve you

Cleanliness and Sanitation

Zero Contact Delivery


  1. Using the Delivery Instructions for Driver box, let your store know where you would like your order to be placed. Pre-payment and pre-tipping are options that can make your delivery more efficient.

    *These features may not be available at all store locations.

  1. One of your store’s delivery experts will notify you that your pizza has arrived.

  1. Your delivery expert will place your order on a safe and clean surface in the location specified in the Delivery Instructions for Driver box.

  1. The delivery expert will move back to a safe distance and wait until you arrive.

A Letter to Domino’s Customers from Michael Curran, CEO of Domino’s Pizza of Canada Ltd.

While Domino’s and its affiliates do their best to accommodate a customer’s delivery instructions, they cannot guarantee that a customer’s request, including for Zero Contact delivery and carryout, can or will be honored by a store. Domino’s and its affiliates reserve the right to use the delivery process that they deem necessary or appropriate in their sole discretion. Domino’s and its affiliates are not responsible for errors or mistakes that may occur during the delivery.