Opening in April of 1988, the Domino’s Pizza store in Meadowvale is the Grandfather of all the other Empire stores. Family owned and operated since day one, this store has a long legacy of care for its customers and strong team member bonds. Walk into this store or have a pizza delivered to your door and you will feel the difference. A primary focus in this store is team member development and unity, because we know that your pizza experience will be better when you are being served by a strong unified group of caring individuals.


We aren’t just the friendliest pizza company in Meadowvale, but we simply cannot be touched when it comes to reliable and fast delivery. For 22 years, we have delivered more than 95% of our deliveries on time. If you take into account a 5 minute grace period, that number becomes 99%+. What this means for you, the customer, is that when you place an order, you can be assured to get what you ordered when you expect it. As a matter of fact, there is a far better chance that we will surprise you by getting your order to you even faster than you thought possible. We hear more, “did you cook the pizza in the car” and “I just put down the phone” in a single night than you could imagine. We love it and it inspires us! Delivery to your door in less than 15 minutes is possible; we do it every week at least 25% of the time.

One of the reasons your pizza can be delivered so fast is that Domino’s Pizza Meadowvale has been home to Canada’s Fastest Pizza Maker for over 16 years now. Werner Hans Lomker the undisputed champion has been working on the line since he was 11 years old practising his craft. Better yet, he is the Operating Partner of the store now and he uses his experience to improve the entire teams’ capabilities. All with the goal of delivering superior pizza in unbelievably short order.


For as long as anyone can remember, the Meadowvale Domino’s has been the highest volume store in the GTA. If you ever walked into our previous location you would be surprised that it cranked out almost 100,000 pizzas every year in less than 800 square feet of space. This high volume and small store size certainly imposed challenges to offering the complete customer experience we so desired. For 5 long years we explored many options hoping to find the perfect (big) space. In April of 2011 our quest was over and we were finally able to move into a space two and a half times the size of the old location, in the same plaza, remaining in the heart of Meadowvale. The new location has a 300 square foot customer area that has a big screen TV, tables and chairs, two monitors that track the progress of the orders and dedicated order taking stations. The kitchen has a number of beautiful new features. Most noticeably we have doubled the work space and included two production lines to handle the busiest nights without sacrificing the speed of service. This is something you will not see in any other pizza store.